Where does personal identity end and tradition start…..

Lorimar Matos is a full-time stay-at-home mom and artist based in Chicago. Her art is centered around the use of bright colors, the human figure, and Puerto Rican folk art as vehicles to explore the impact of growing up as a first-generation Puerto Rican stateside American. Lorimar hopes her work brings a sense of joy and warmth to its viewers as she uses her work as a way to escape feelings of anxiousness and depression. To answer questions about her identity and exercise a conscious daily decision to make her own joy and happiness.

Recent Works

I am always interested in taking on new projects. If you have any ideas let’s collaborate.

Emerging Multidisciplinary Artist from Chicago

Lorimar Matos is a Puerto Rican Artist who lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her family and love’s learning about and and sharing her culture.